Friday, 23 April 2010

Hello! This is the cat's club!

Hello! I am the club boss! Just ask me at my blog on Saturday 24th April 2010 (tomorrow!).
You might know me from tiger the stripy cat!

I am tiger! You can join if:
  1. You are a girl cat
2.You want to have fun.

They are the only rules! We will give a special picture to you that you can put on your blog to show your a member of the purple flower club!


  1. We are from England too and wondered if we can both join your club.

  2. We want to join; we are girls who Just Want To Have Fun (our theme song!MOL)!!...Calle, Halle, Sukki, Mommy Cat

  3. Oh I would like to join - the boys are totally jealous! And when my new sister (or maybe sisters - we aren't 100% sure who is coming to move in yet) they will have to join too - it is going to be fun!! Oh, this is Lola by the way - the boys aren't going to be allowed to use the computer when I am a this site - in case any secret girl stuff comes up!!

  4. the bully cats will be jealous too! poor boy cats :-(